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Shelly Tucker

Director Shelly Tucker
Shelly Tucker graduated from Arkansas State University with her Bachelor’s in Psychology and later obtained her Master’s in Business Administration from Bellevue University. Not only has Shelly been the Director of Miracle Kids Success Academy since we opened in December, 2009, she also serves as the Vice President of Operations for Miracle Kids and our sister company, Kids Unlimited Learning Academy (located in Cabot, Farmington, Fort Smith and Searcy, Arkansas). Shelly began working with children who have developmental delays and/or medical risks/needs almost 20 years ago. While known for her can-do attitude and ability to juggle many tasks at once, her #1 passion is the children and families we serve. She makes it a priority to know each child and works closely with staff and family to ensure the children reach their potential. Shelly is married with two talented children of her own. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family (usually at some sort of sporting event) and working out. Shelly has received training in the SCERTS model, a comprehensive team-based model for enhancing abilities in Social Communication and Emotional Regulation and implementing Transnational Supports for children with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities. She is also trained in the STAR Program (Strategies for Teaching based on Autism Research). STAR uses ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) instructional methods of discrete trial training, pivotal response training and teaching functional routines to help children with autism and other developmental disabilities and delays. Shelly may be contacted at


Josh Williams

Josh received a Bachelor’s of Arts in English in 2005 and later received a CDA from Black River Community College in 2007. Josh started working with children part-time as a van rider during college and loved it from day one. Many years later, he is still working with children with special needs. We are happy to say Josh has been with Miracle Kids since opening in December, 2009. Josh is known for his problem solving skills and calm demeanor, however, his patience with children is his greatest skill. He can talk to any child and work toward a solution for any issue. He is passionate about ensuring every child feels loved at MKSA. It is very sweet to hear the children telling Mr. Josh hello when they see him and giving him high-fives with huge smiles on their faces. Josh has three wonderful children and when he’s not working, he loves spending time with them. He also really enjoys anything (camping, mountain biking, etc) outdoors. Josh likes any activity that makes the community better. Many people are satisfied sitting back and watching things change but Josh likes to step in and be a part of the leg work. He founded Will2Wheels in 2013, which is a non-profit bicycle workshop. It is a place to learn about bikes, fix bikes, obtain a bike, meet fellow cyclists and have fun. Its mission is to make safe cycling fun, affordable and sustainable. Will2Wheels offers bikes and parts to children at no cost. Josh is also a Board member of NEATO (Northeast Arkansas Trail Organization). NEATO is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers who focus on the advocacy, maintenance and development of trails for all of Northeast Arkansas. It is no surprise that one of Josh’s favorite quotes is: “Non-profits are the vehicles through which all citizens connect with and express many of their beliefs about what American society should be” (unknown author). Josh has received training in the SCERTS model, a comprehensive team-based model for enhancing abilities in Social Communication and Emotional Regulation and implementing Transnational Supports for children with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities. Josh may be contacted at
Assistant Director Josh Williams

Patient Care Coordinator

Courtney Sloan

Assistant Director Josh Williams
Courtney is the Patient Care Coordinator at our Jonesboro location. She is married with a beautiful baby girl! She graduated from the University of Arkansas in December, 2009, with a Bachelor’s in Human Environmental Science with a concentration in Child Development. She began working at Miracle Kids Success Academy as a teacher right after college graduation.  In her spare time, she loves to spend time in the kitchen cooking. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and their dog at the lake. Courtney has received special training in Handle With Care (HWC) to be a HWC trainer. HWC is a world renown leader in crisis intervention and behavior management training.  HWC has earned an international reputation for teaching the safest and most powerful verbal and physical intervention methods in the history of the industry for many types of human service industries, including nursery and elementary schools and special education and community programs. Courtney has also received training in Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP).

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