By Chelsea Denton

Have you ever wondered if your child is developing normally? Whether you are a new parent or veteran parent, you wonder if your child is developing at a normal rate! In the pediatric population, there are certain developmental milestones that can be looked at when your baby turns one to ease your mind! By checking these milestones, you as a parent can also help your physician identify if your child needs therapy. Early intervention services are available and can help catch your child up to the average developmental age. Early intervention services work because at this early stage your child’s brain is still developing, which helps therapists make the biggest impact on your child. These early services also help your child start kindergarten on an even playing field as other kids!

Here are some strategies to help you determine if your baby is developing:

  1. Play peek a boo with your child! If your child can play peek-a-boo with you, this means he is developing socially and emotionally!
  2. Wave bye-bye to your baby, does your baby wave bye-bye back? His ability to do so demonstrates that language and communication skills are developing.
  3. Hand your child a cup, does your child drink from it? If yes, then your baby is right on track for developing his brain power such as learning, thinking and problem-solving skills.
  4. Does your baby sit up when you put his favorite movie on? If he sits up and you do not help him, then your child is developing on track physically.
  5. Place your child’s toy a distance away so your child must crawl to reach the toy. If your child crawls to get the toy, then your child is developing movement!

These are quick tools to help you check if your child is developing. If you would like to break it down into different ages or want more information you can visit this link:


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